​​Management Operations

Soil Analysis

Nutritional Amendments

Rootstock selection

Grape Varietal & Clonal Selection
Disease Diagnosis
Preventative Sprays
Canopy Management
Ground Cover Maintenance

Trellis & Irrigation Repair & Maintenance
Grape Brokering Between Clients
Facilitate Grape Sales Between Clients and Local Wineries

Vineyard Installation

Our customers are located throughout Amador,Eldorado counties.They range from long time farmers  to newcomers with emerging passions for wines and vineyards. Regardless of different experiences, tastes, and preferences, our customers all share a common desire to enrich their properties with beautifully landscaped estate vineyards.   Twin Rivers welcomes all levels of customer involvement and is eager to help train and educate growers and winemakers.

Soil Samples

Dig soil pits and collect samples for lab analyses
Determine nutritional requirements and soil amendments


Variety and clonal selection based upon owner preferences and site location parameters
One-year old vines are grafted onto a rootstock to maximize success. Rootstock selection is based on soil conditions, microclimate, and trellis design and spacing.
Locate desired planting stock from one of many specialized nurseries throughout California

Vineyard Design and Layout

Create design and specifications that take the following parameters into consideration:

Sun exposure
Maximizing row length, crop yield, and quality
Existing drainage
Management efficiency
Transcribe vineyard specs onto proposed site to ensure accuracy and efficient installation
Trellis Installation
Irrigation System Installation
Plant Vines